privacy pivx<->btc swaps
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privacy pivx<->btc swaps
  • no sign ups
  • no accounts
  • no javascript
  • vpn friendly
  • no tracking
  • no data sharing
  • tor friendly
  • no bullshit
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privacy policy

we believe in privacy, and provide service(s) to make financial data protection easier. we achieve this by providing a service that allows you to pay for services, denominated in btc, by using pivx.

you tell us how much btc to you want to send, the address you want it sent to, and we tell you how much pivx to send, and to what address.

important points

there are a few important points to understand while using this service

  • we strongly encourage using our service over tor. you can find our tor addresses on our signed list of mirrors.
  • we follow the Onion Mirror Guidelines, as outlined on
    1. our mirrors
    2. our pgp key
    3. our canary
  • no accounts. we have no accounts on our system - simply load the page and use the service
  • we do log ip addresses. we do this for multiple reasons - troubleshooting, monitoring, preventing abuse. even if we would remove all ip logging from our servers, our bandwidth and peering partners are still be able to see ip addresses interacting with our service. we have no control over what they do with that information. for those of you thinking ahead - this means those "anonymous" vpn providers are lying to you.
  • we store transaction details for at most 30 days. that said - you should behave as though we keep all data indefinately and give it away to anyone that will take it.
  • we do not sell any user data. we do not sell metadata. we do not sell any data.
  • we do not rent, share, or otherwise disclose any data to any person, entity, or business
  • this site uses first-party cookies. we don't use any 3rd party cookies, tracking, or other information.
  • we recommend that you send pivx from shielded addresses
  • our system will always provide a shielded pivx address for you to send your coins to
  • we allow usage of our service over tor
  • we allow usage of our service over vpn
  • we allow usage of our service using additional anonymization techniques and networks

data retention

we collect, and store, user data. this data is necessary to provide our services

  • data we collect includes ip addressess, application usage statistics, and all data entered on forms on our website
  • all data is hard-deleted after 30 days. this includes backup data, server and application logs, and transaction records
  • non-completed order data may be deleted prior to 30 days. 30 days is the longest any data will remain on our systems
  • all data that we collect will be deleted from our systems, including backups, within 30 days


it's important to understand what data we, the service, do and do not have control over

  • we strongly recommend connecting to our service via our onion addresses over tor. this provides the highest level of privacy for you
  • our bandwidth and peering partners are able to view the ip addresses connecting to our services. this is necessary to operate. we have no control over their record keeping
  • any service provider between your isp and our services will have access to your ip address. we have no control over who these parties are, or their record keeping
  • the pivx and bitcoin network will keep records of all transactions. these records are what makes up the blockchain, and are necessary for the blockchain to operate