privacy pivx<->btc swaps
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privacy pivx<->btc swaps
  • no sign ups
  • no accounts
  • no javascript
  • vpn friendly
  • no tracking
  • no data sharing
  • tor friendly
  • no bullshit
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how it works

using our service is simple

  • start an exchange, and select the currency you would like to send (your source coin)
  • on the next screen, select the currency you'd like to receive (the coin we send you)
  • select the amount of either:
    1. the source currency you send in
    2. the target currency you will receive
  • our system generates a quote based on the best market rates
  • the next screen provides our receive address in the source currency, as well as how much of that currency you should send
  • you send the coins to us
  • when there are 2 confirmations on your transaction, we send the amount of your target currency to you

your send of the source coin to us must be broadcast before the quote expires. it does not need to have 2 confirmations before 10 minutes has passed, but the send must occur prior to the expiration of the quote.

on the bottom of every screen is a quote id. should you need support for a quote, include this id in your request.