privacy pivx<->btc swaps
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privacy pivx<->btc swaps
  • no sign ups
  • no accounts
  • no javascript
  • vpn friendly
  • no tracking
  • no data sharing
  • tor friendly
  • no bullshit
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q: do you operate any onion services?

a: yes. our official, signed list of mirrors can be found here. we strongly encourage our users to access our services via tor

q: can i send pivx to you from a shielded address?

a: yes. this is recommended

q: can i send pivx to you from a transparent address?

a: yes. however, we recommend using shielded addresses.

q: where are your coins sourced?

a: our coins are sourced from otc desks and several exchanges

q: i never sent coins after generating an order. can i make a new order?

a: yes.

q: how can i get help?

a: reach out via the contact us page. if your question is about a quote, you must include your quote id. we cannot help you without an quote id.

q: how long is a quote valid for?

a: 10 minutes. your source coin send to us must be broadcast before the 10 minute time window expires

q: can i access your service using tor?

a: yes

q: can i access your service using a vpn?

a: yes

q: does my transaction need to have 2 confirmations before the 10 minute timer expires?

a: no. the transaction must be broadcast before the 10 minute timer expires, but the confirms can happen after 10 minutes

q: can i send coins to your address from an exchange?

a: we recommend against this. exchanges oftentimes do not process withdrawals immediately. if the send to us is not broadcast before the 10 minute window expires, the order is canceled

q: do you log ip addresses?

a: we do. our privacy policy outlines our data retention in detail. we hard delete all data within 30 days, including transaction records

q: why don't you use javascript?

a: javascript has been use to deanonymize tor several times in the past. it can also make things quite annoying. we like to provide the best experience for all our customers. in order to provide a great experience for tor users, we chose to not use any javascript at all

q: how long do you retain data?

a: 30 days. some data may be deleted before 30 days. all data will be deleted within 30 days of its creation in our systems

q: how can i check the status of my order?

a: use the quote status page to look up your quote

q: i have a question that wasn't answered here, what should i do?

a: contact us via the contact us page