Q:Do you operate any onion services?
A: Yes. Our official, signed list of mirrors can be found here. We strongly encourage our users to access our services via Tor.
Q:Can I send shielded PIV?
A: Yes. This is recommended.
Q:Can I send transparent PIV?
A: Yes. However, we recommend using shielded PIV.
Q:For how long is a quote valid?
A: 10 minutes. Your source coin send to us must be broadcast before the 10 minute time window expires.
Q:Can I access your service using Tor?
A: Yes. This is recommended. See our signed list of Tor mirrors here.
Q:Can I access your service using a VPN?
A: Yes, although we recommend using Tor.
Q:Does my transaction need to have 2 confirmations before the 10 minute timer expires?
A: No. The transaction must be broadcast before the 10 minute timer expires, but the confirms can happen after 10 minutes.
Q:Can I send coins to your address from an exchange?
A: We recommend against this. Exchanges oftentimes do not process withdrawals immediately. If the send to us is not broadcast before the 10 minute window expires, the quote is canceled.
Q:Do you log IP addresses?
A: Yes, for 30 days. Our privacy policy outlines our data retention in detail. We hard delete all data within 30 days, including transaction records and backups.
Q:Why don't you use JavaScript?
A: JavaScript has been used to deanonymize Tor user and services several times in the past. We like to provide the best experience for all our customers. In order to provide a great experience for Tor users, we chose to not use any JavaScript at all.
Q:How long do you retain data?
A: We retain data for up to 30 days. Some data may be deleted before 30 days. All data will be deleted within 30 days of its creation in our systems.
Q:How can I check the status of my quote?
A: Use the quote status page to look up your quote.
Q:I would like to adjust the amount on my quote. Do I need to wait until my current quote expires?
A: No, you can create a new quote at any time.
Q:Is there an API?
A: Yes. Our API documentation can be found here.
Q:Do I need an API key to integrate?
A: No. However, using an API key allows earning rewards of up to 1% of transactions. For more information, send an email to contact -at- pivx2bitcoin -dot- com.
Q:I have integrated using an API key, how do I view details of transactions from my app?
A: You cannot. To protect users privacy, we do not disclose details of any transaction to any parties. You will receive a weekly payment based on your reward rate at the address you provided at the time of API key issuance.
Q:How can I get additional help?
A: Reach out via the contact us page.
We strongly encourage using our service over Tor
We take privacy seriously. Read more here